Monday, March 14, 2011


i spoke with a friend recently who had tried to email me at the address listed over to the right. she said that a lady wrote her back saying that she does not make cakes! my friend said that i may have the address wrong on my site.

PLEASE NOTE: the address is correct. our last name has an E on the end of it, so it does cause some confusion! the correct address is

if you have emailed me and did not hear back, please accept my apologies!!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


this sweet cake matched eli's outfit!

such a sweet one!

this was a custom cake to match pearce's invitation. i was so pleased with it!

jumping frogs!

the was done to match nichols' invitation! so cute!!!

Water slide!

sweet nash turned 3.....and this matched his invitation - EXCEPT - on the invite the little boy didn't have on a cowboy hat or boots. that was requested by my little friend! =)


patty cake, patty cake, bakers WOman!

in pre-primer, the kids had nursery rhyme day! well, i did the cake for her and she dressed up like this to go with the nursery rhyme!


this was done for a fancy nancy party! i LOVE it and may have to do a version of it for mary peyton at some point!!!

Easter Egg Cake

my oh my!

i've got a ton of cakes that have been done since march! good grief! but our internet was not working well and it's now fixed!!! so maybe i can start adding some more cakes along the way......

hope all of you (who still read - or look - which probably isn't many!) are doing well!

Monday, March 1, 2010

barn cake

this cake was done to custom match an invitation (go HERE to see all of jenny holloway's stuff! she's GREAT!!!)

initial cake

minnie mouse


baseball cake

cat in the hat

Friday, October 9, 2009

Football cake!

sorry i never update this blog! my internet service at home is HORRIBLE and takes forever to upload pictures, so the only time i can do it is if i get some time to myself at barnes & noble. and even then it's hard because i need to be one of the "elite" ones to get to an outlet!

anyway - i LOVE this football cake! and since this weekend is a big game for our rebels, i thought it was appropriate!

hope to update more soon!!!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dump Truck Cake

a dump truck cake for justin's 2nd birthday!

Initial cake

a cute cake that i did for a friend's daughter.

Camo Cake

cute cake for a hunter of any age!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hickory Dickory Dock

a couple of weeks ago, the k3 at ja studied the nursery rhymes. i offerered to do some sort of sweet and decided to do a hickory dickory dock clock! note that the mouse is going up the clock because it's not 1:00 yet! ha

Monkey Cake

this cake:

was done to match this outfit:

for logan's first birthday! i thought it turned out cute!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

scarecrow cake

this was done for my cousin's son, brock, to match the scarecrow on is invitation - i thought it turned out cute!

sweet pink for a baby shower!

this was done for a baby shower and I LOVE IT! in fact, i am helping give 2 showers soon and this will probably be done at 1 of them!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a lily pad for lillie

i made this cake for sweet little lillie's birthday. i thought it turned out so cute!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

audrey always has cute birthday cakes! i couldn't tell you how many times i've done one similar to the one she had last year...... on her invitation this year, there were actually 5 animals, but i only had room to put 3 on there - i thought it turned out cute!

Another version of audrey's cake

this cake was done for a little boy's birthday party. they didn't have a theme - just different colored balloons, so we did the colors on the cake to match them! this is another version of the cake i did for audrey - scroll down to see several different versions of this cake!

Mickey Mouse

i do not have a mickey mouse cake pan. SO, alex's mom decided that we could improvise and use different colors for mickey mouse heads. his theme was the mickey mouse clubhouse. also, doing a sheet cake like this gives you more cake than a character cake does.

Bikini Cake

this cake was done to match an invitation. carrington had a swimming party, so this was obviously a bikini. but it could be done as a lingerie shower cake, too.


good grief. since the beginning of august, we have had either COMPLETELY booked up crazy weekends, or we've been out of town.

so i apologize for the slacking in putting up pictures. i've got SO SO many pictures and hopefully i can get some of them updated. i'm going to start now - before i have to leave to go get mary peyton!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Cake(s)

these cakes were done for my friend heather's wedding. i thought i'd post one before we put flowers and one with the flowers. the red gerbera daisies just change the look of the cakes - that's why i posted both!

each cake was a different flavor - strawberry, chocolate, yellow, and red velvet

without flowers:

with flowers:
the groom's cake - it was red velvet.

Grant's fish cake

i made this cake to match an invitation!

to match an outfit...

these cakes were done for my friend, jill easley. her daughter was turning 1 and was goign to be wearing this outfit for her birthday party!

so we did these cakes to match! i tried to pull just the sweet pink and green out of the outfit and keep the rest simple. i thought these were so sweet for a little girl!

snail cake

this cake was done for a baby shower. shea e-mailed me a copy of the invitation (that SHE made!) for a shower for her sister. i told her when i saw the invitation that i had a cute idea in my mind - i'm glad it came out as cute as i wanted!

the invitation:

the cake:

custom to match invitations

when amanda called me about making her twin's first birthday cakes, she told me about the invitation. when i got it in the mail, i saw that it was the exact invitation that i used for mary peyton's party this year!

amanda sent me this e-mail:
So sorry that I am just now writing you. The cakes were delicious! Everyone thought they were beautiful and they looked just like the invitations.
Thank you so much for making our 1st birthday so special. We took tons of pictures so Kyle and Ella will remember.
Amanda Douglas"

beach ball!

the cake/cupcakes below were done for a pool party for nash's 1st birthday. his plates were a beach ball, so that's what his mom and i decided to do on the top of his dig-in cake. then we just did a bunch of cupcakes for everybody else!

here's what she wrote me in an e-mail:
"Suzanne~Hey! The party was great and everyone loved the cake and cupcakes. They looked so cute!!! Nash was so mad when we took his cake away from him. He was so funny!!! I thought you might enjoy these pictures. Thanks again for all or your help. I will be calling again for Lawson's 3rd birthday!!!Thank you~Jessica"

i love it when people let me know how everything went!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

For Sisters!

these cakes were done to compiment each other - they were for 2 sisters who had their birthday party together (1 turned 13 and the other turned 16!). they had a sock hop - how fun is that!?!?! the round cake was done as an extra - just in case they needed it!!!

It's a BUG'S life - or cake!

this cake was done custom to match luke's invitations. the bottom part of his invitation was green and the top was brown. but on the invitation, the inside of the circle was his sweet picture! his mom wanted him to have a dig in cake this year, too - and i think that's a great idea!

Lifesaver Cake!

Cole had a swimming party and his mom (my sweet friend - being the graphic artist that she is!) designed his invitations and had a lifesaver for the "o" in cole. so i carried that same lifesaver into the cake - and thought it tourned out cute!


i checked my home phone yesterday for the first time in 2 - yes TWO - weeks and had 6 - yes SIX - new messages!!!!!!!!! and 4 - yes FOUR - of them were for cakes!

i feel like such a loser.

or either i am in demand?

i don't know.

but i wanted to make a public apology to anyone that i have not called back. i truly am so sorry. we have 1 phone in our house and it's in the kitchen - the only phones we ever use are our cell phones, so we don't even check the messages half of the time on our home phone - and when we do, we have too many.

SO...............if you are wanting a cake - please call my cell phone (note the new number in the "contact me" box on the right) or text me. if possible, include the date that you need a cake for when you call so that i will know right away if i'm able to do it or not.

OH - and i also want to go ahead and note that i am BOOKED up until after july 20th.


Monday, June 23, 2008

i did it

i added one cake to this blog.

so now i want to know something. if you actually CHECK this blog to see if i have added new pictures, please post a comment so that i will know how many people are wanting to see cakes!

i'll post more when i see some response!

owen's cakes

these cakes were done for my best friend's little boy. the lime green and red match his nursery!

Friday, May 9, 2008

oh my goodness!

it's been almost 2 months since i posted on this blog!


lots and lots of things have been going on and i've neglected the cake blog.....

i do have a lot of cute cakes to put on here from the end of march and april - and even a few from may already.

however - - - -

i have dreaded doing this, but knew it was going to come. my prices will be changing soon. i know that i don't put my prices on this page - the reason is that each cake is custom. the price depends on the number of colors, size, drawing, etc., that has to be done.

the cost of all of my supplies have gone up, which is why prices are going to be between $5 and $10 higher than they were - and i'm afraid that we have not seen then end of the "price rise". please know that i have not wanted to do this, but i have to if i am going to continue making cakes. i hope that you understand!

stay posted for some fun cake pictures - i will try to post them soon.........right after i finish decorating!!!


Monday, March 17, 2008

this cake was done to be like audrey's (see many posts below....), but needed a different color scheme....i like it!

Justin's cake

Collier's cake

Collier's mom had already decorated for easter, so we tried to do his cake somewhat in pastels, but keep it "boyish". this is tommy's favorite that i've done for a boy's 1st birthday!