Friday, October 9, 2009

Football cake!

sorry i never update this blog! my internet service at home is HORRIBLE and takes forever to upload pictures, so the only time i can do it is if i get some time to myself at barnes & noble. and even then it's hard because i need to be one of the "elite" ones to get to an outlet!

anyway - i LOVE this football cake! and since this weekend is a big game for our rebels, i thought it was appropriate!

hope to update more soon!!!!!

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Royann said...

i loved rocky's football birthday cake. it was great. we had it on Friday night and i took it to the grove on saturday. however, someone rummaging through my box turned it over and smashed it with placing somethings on top of it. anyway-the 1st half was great. i'm glad we went on and ate it 1st on Friday night. my sister has a picture on her blog. thanks for getting it to me on such a short notice. i appreciate it--royann